Elite Green

Bags that keep your flower fresh...for up to a year.

What if there was a way to keep your flower fresher, longer?

What if it was as simple as buying the right bags?


✅ Storage For Up To 12 Months

🚫 Inhibits Mold & Mildew Growth

🧪 Preserves Terpenes & Potency Levels

♻️ Curbside Recyclable

💯 Delivers The Quality Your Customers Demand

Complex Storage Solutions. Simplified. 

Explore the features that help you grow profits, deliver quality product, and build your brand.

Preserve Quality

Elite Green™️ technology ihe only solution that inhibits mold & mildew; preserves terpenes, oils and moisture levels; and is fully recyclable.

Deliver Consistently

When you use Elite Green™️ storage solutions, you put the brakes on customer churn by delivering consistent quality – even months after harvest.

Grow Profits

Grow your bottom line with the flexibility to deliver high-quality product at times of peak demand. Hold product until you're ready to sell.

Rave Reviews From Our Customers. 

I have tested hundreds of thousands of pounds… I’ve seen all kinds of strains in various conditions, but I have never seen (product) in ambient storage in a bag for a year look and smell so fresh – like it was just trimmed! I was completely blown away."

— Paul Burton, Green Leaf Labs, Oregon

Flower is as vibrant, green, and aromatic as the day we packaged it, if not more perfectly cured. Will definitely continue to use Elite Green products in the future."

— Emily Turner, Goddess Grown, LLC

We put strawberries in the Elite Green bag and moved them to cold storage. Three months later, they were good as new."

— Dave Miller, Tanler Distribution